What Can You Do To Eliminate Migraines Naturally?

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Migraine headaches are now plaguing people of all ages, even from childhood. What could possibly be triggering such a painful symptom? Treating symptoms such as migraines without also addressing the root triggers and structural issues will compound problems long-term, both due to neurological dysfunction and pharmaceutical side-effects. Watch the video to learn some surprising root causes as well as encouraging stories of people becoming pain-free.

Vaccine Push Continues –
Proposed legislation in Connecticut offers protection from over-vaccination… for animals!
Meanwhile, in Tennessee, rather than recommending investigating the CDC for corruption, Senate Resolution 53 would “applaud the efforts of providers and policy-makers to remove barriers to vaccination and to protect adults from vaccine-preventable diseases.”

Cracking The Weight Loss Code
“Unsweetening the world’s diet may be the the key to reversing obesity.”
In our upcoming event, we’ll address the impact sugar and artificial sweeteners alike have on the body’s ability to regulate hormones, manage insulin and influence cravings. Register at the Events tab.


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Migraines linked to fatal Cardiovascular Disease


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Autonomic nervous system function in childhood migraine (Original article)


The addition of upper cervical manipulative therapy in the treatment of patients w/fibromyalgia: a randomized controlled trial


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