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A study published March 17, 2018, found that a comprehensive dietary and supplementation program was effective at improving the quality of life. It is also shown to decrease the severity of issues that many autistic children and adults deal with. Click below to see the strategies and treatment protocols.

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Migraines are one of the five most prevalent chronic diseases among children and adolescents, yet they are underdiagnosed and undertreated. The underlying cause is often not found through standard medical evaluations. Let's shed light on childhood migraines and show there is hope. Click below for the full story!

Chiropractic Clinic

Roughly 63 million people suffer from chronic constipation. But for many people, the cause of their chronic constipation is often unknown. In this video, Dr. Dale shows that chiropractic care can help you, just as it did for Anna's children who suffered from constipation since they were born! Click below for the full story!