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Immediate action needed:

Vote NO on SJR 53 of TN!

Our TN legislators are voting on and expected to pass SJR 0053 on tomorrow, February 15, which would “support” adult vaccinations and “applaud” organizations such as the CDC.

We must adamantly resist this move by our legislators and tell them to VOTE NO.

Here is why you should oppose SJR 0053:

  1. We would be applauding the CDC, an organization that is no longer protecting the people of this nation, rather they are protecting their own financial interests and the interests of Big Pharma/Vaccines. Stated in SJR 53 “we (TN legislators) hereby support adult immunizations and applaud the efforts of providers and policy-makers…” One of the policy makers being the CDC. This organization that may well have committed the greatest crime against our children ever in history. CDC scientists have come forward confessing to their crimes of research fraud. Yet nothing has been done by our government to end the corruption at the CDC. Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the CDC has confessed that he and other CDC researchers committed fraud and attempted to destroy data linking the MMR vaccine to autism. It is outrageous that any politician would attempt to applaud the CDC when they should be pushing for the full investigation an ultimate punishment of those people responsible for the harms that have come to so many children because of the CDC lies. Tell your Congress members to subpoena Dr. William Thompson, The “CDC whistleblower,” immediately and use the full force the law to punish those responsible for the epidemic of autism.
  2. Legislators are ignoring or have not thoroughly reviewed the research showing those vaccines they’re recommending have not been proven effective, have manipulated research behind them, and are causing significant harms. Vaccines listed in SJR 53 are influenza, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, pneumonia, meningitis, and hepatitis A and B. For the sake of brevity let’s discuss the flaws in promoting some of these vaccines.
    1. Influenza: Multiple systematic reviews by the Cochrane collaboration have shown that the flu vaccine has no effect on hospitalizations or complications from influenza infection. The research showed no reduction in transmission/spread of the flu, complications such as pneumonia, or death due to influenza infection. The evidence did, however, show “widespread manipulation of the conclusions” from industry-funded research. So in basic terms, Tennessee legislators would be promoting a vaccine that has absolutely no proven benefit well-established risks of serious harm.
    2. Whooping cough: It’s already been quietly admitted by health officials and proven by the research that this vaccine does not prevent transmission or prevent infection both in those who have received this vaccine. The research has in fact shown but most infected people have been vaccinated that the vaccine itself increases immune dysfunction thus increasing colonization of other bacteria that can cause whooping cough within the lungs of those individuals who were vaccinated. The research also sure that those individuals who have been vaccinated will often carry and spread the bacteria that causes whooping cough while showing very little to no symptoms. This creates a serious potential risk as the infected individual themselves may be unaware that they are infectious and thus would not avoid contact with populations at risk due to infection such as the very young in those immunocompromised.
    3. Pneumonia: Yet another vaccine at the research has proven has no benefit. A 2009 systematic review by the Canadian medical Association states “pneumococcal vaccinations does not appear to be effective in preventing pneumonia, even in populations for whom the vaccine is currently recommended.” And it further stated that “Policy-makers may, therefore, wish to reconsider their current recommendations for the use of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine.” In yet another study published 2010, in Clinical Infectious Disease the raw data showed increases in pneumonia and death rate in those receiving the pneumonia vaccine. To add further evidence that this vaccine should be in no way promoted by our legislators, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization from the UK wrote that the pneumonia vaccine had “no clinical effectiveness” and “programme has had no discernible impact on the instance of invasive pneumococcal disease in older people. The committee has advised, therefore, that there is little benefit to continuing the program and that should be stopped.”
    4. HPV (“The cervical cancer vaccine”): Since the introduction of this vaccine in the US there has been a significant increase in the rate of cervical cancers and deaths from cervical cancers. Statistics take from the American Cancer Society Cancer Facts and Figures 2006 – 2016, 9,710 cases with 3,700 deaths in 2006 up significantly to 12,990 cases with 4,120 deaths. Common sense use of this data proves that the vaccine doesn’t work, with a possibility that the vaccine may cause greater cancer risk. The likelihood that the vaccine causes greater risk and rates of cancer is probably due to one of the latest research studies showing that women given the vaccine had increased rates of infection, up to 40% greater infection rate. Finally the fact that the vaccine has been shown to cause autoimmune and severe chronic illness such as chronic regional pain syndrome/fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, among others paints a clear picture that vaccine cause net harm. Further evidence or serious manipulation of the research by use of aluminum adjuvants as the “placebo” have significantly down-played the rates of adverse reactions and harms from the vaccine. One must also read the Nordic Cochrane Centre’s Complaint to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for maladministration at the EMA for which shows government and medical agencies are currently concealing the known harms of this vaccine and are rife with serious conflicts of interest.
    5. MMR: Should not be recommended until the full investigation of the CDC Whistleblower fraud accusations is complete. Sadly the investigation is yet to begin and the CDC is currently blocking CDC Whistleblower testimony in TN court. See “Parent of autistic teen sues CDC to allow vaccine whistleblower testimony” by Sharyl Attkisson for full details. The fact that the CDC is blocking the testimony of one of their own researchers in and of itself alludes to their guilt. With this court case occurring within TN and regarding a TN child, now an adult, who was vaccine injured should incentivize legislators to take opposite action by refusing to promote any vaccines until investigations are made. Bottom line, why are TN legislators not demanding that the CDC be investigated and protect the individual rights of the children and parents they are elected to protect rather than promoting the vaccines that are so clouded with fraud and manipulation?
      1. Additional Notes on the MMR vaccines:
        1. Mumps: Merck has been stonewalling the US court system in Pennsylvania now for almost since 2010. They used animal blood to make the mumps vaccine appear effective.
        2. Rubella: Cochrane review statement, “We did not identify any
          studies assessing the effectiveness of MMR in preventing rubella.”
        3. Additional statement from Cochrane review of MMR vaccine: “The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are largely inadequate.” Adding to the serious risk of greater harm due to the vaccines use, especially given the rate of fraud surround the makers of this vaccine and the CDC efforts to hide serious risks such as autism.
  3. Given that the resolution states roughly 40,000 to 50,000 US citizens die each year from what they consider “vaccine preventable diseases” combined with the CDCs vital statistics that showed roughly 55,000 people died in 2014 from pneumonia/flu combined also with the research evidence provided above that clearly shows the flu and pneumonia vaccines offer absolutely no benefit in reducing complications or death from these infectious diseases combined also with the historical evidence showing no decline but actually increases in death rates from these diseases one can only conclude again that promotion of these vaccines cannot be scientifically justified. Now combine also the evidence showing the increase in cervical cancer deaths after the introduction of the HPV vaccine, we tip the scales even further in the direct of harm and the promotion unjust.

Upon full evaluation of the evidence and research provided I am confident that everyone will find the promotion of adult vaccinations and the passing of this resolution unjustifiable.

With the current evidence provided to us by the research, promotion of these vaccines as a whole would be causing net harm to the residents of Tennessee.

As a society, we have to get the government to reject this devil’s bargain!

Hoffman said, “Most of us were shocked to learn the CDC takes funding from industry. Of course, it is outrageous that industry apparently is allowed to punish the CDC if the agency conducts research that has the potential to cut into profits. But it was our government that made this very bad arrangement, so the way to fix it is not to ask the CDC to ‘pretty please be more ethical and avoid conflicts of interest’; rather, as a society, we have to get the government to reject this devil’s bargain…” Quote taken from BMJ 2015, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: protecting the private good?

Call and tell the members of this committee that it is outrageous that they would applaud an organization such as the CDC that has committed crimes against our children by research fraud.

We must call each member on this committee and tell them to vote NO on SR 0053. There needs to be an open discussion as to why they are trying to increase vaccination rates among the adult population without adequate scientific reasoning. See below for contact emails and phone numbers for the Health & Welfare Committee officers.

Senate Standing Committee Health & Welfare Committee Officers:

Rusty Crowe
District 3
Phone: (615) 741-2468
Ferrell Haile
1st Vice-Chair
District 18
Phone: (615) 741-1999
Joey Hensley
2nd Vice-Chair
District 28
Phone: (615) 741-3100
Richard Briggs
District 7
Phone: (615) 741-1766
Ed Jackson
District 27
Phone: (615) 741-1810
Sara Kyle
District 30
Phone (615) 741-4167
Becky Massey
District 6
Phone: (615) 741-1648
Doug Overbey
District 2
Phone: (615) 741-0981
1-800-449-8366 ext. 10981
Bo Watson
District 11
Phone: (615) 741-3227

All committee email addresses:

Author’s note: Due to current time restrictions, additional information on individual vaccines and reasons why opposition to SR 53 is justified will have to be provided at a later date.


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