Child’s death being used to push flu vaccine: What they didn’t tell you.

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Child’s death is being used to push flu vaccine:

What they didn’t tell you


How do we overcome the crud this “flu” season safely?

Spinal alignment is essential to allow for proper elimination of waste in the body, preventing the buildup of toxins that lead to illness and disease. Seemingly unrelated symptoms may actually be rooted in compressed nerves and misaligned discs.

The Washington Post recently reported of a child’s death that is incorrectly being blamed on the flu, thus motivating the mother to advocate for the flu vaccine.

The year 2002 had the lowest rate in history of flu-related deaths in children under age 5, the year before the flu vaccine was implemented for this age group. 12 deaths that year. It hasn’t been that low since. 90 deaths in 2003.

Even medical professionals are not convinced that the flu vaccine works. They don’t want to take it themselves, therefore the hospital administration has to make it mandatory to get vaccinated and threaten them with losing their jobs if they don’t.

Piper Lowery had a fever that soared to 105 degrees. It hurt for her to walk, and she was breathing heavily, her mother said. She was also bleeding from her nose and vomiting blood. On Jan. 16, just four days after she got sick, Piper collapsed in the parking lot of a children’s hospital in Tacoma, Wash. By then, the H1N1 flu had already attacked her kidneys. Piper died shortly before 12:30 p.m. that day. She was 12 years old.

The facts in the article were manipulated. The deception in this is going to lead to more children being harmed, hurt and dying. We must call it out.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.” Agreed!

They don’t mention in any detail what was done in response to the child getting the flu.

There are zero drugs that the medical system has that can help someone with the flu. They can give IV fluids in the case of dehydration, but that’s it.

Tamiflu is actually causing massive side effects. The research was brought about by fraudulent data, they hid the fact that it caused so many deaths. It causes hallucinations, massive vomiting and depression-causing suicide in children.

Natural remedies such as Oyster Mushrooms can fight the flu because of their ability to block viral replication.

“As of September, 85 children in 33 states have been killed by the flu.”

NO, the decrease in the body’s ability to fight an infection is due to the immune-suppressive drugs. More people are dying.

Why don’t we have doctors in our community demanding that the CDC tell the truth about the dangers of vaccines? Because their livelihood is threatened.

According to, Lowery had taken Piper to the doctor three times because she had a high fever— once, it spiked to 105 degrees. Doctors prescribed Tamiflu, but Piper didn’t improve. When Piper began vomiting blood, Lowery took her to the emergency room at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma, where Piper collapsed in her mother’s arms in the parking lot. Lowery screamed for help, but doctors who later tended to Piper could not revive her. The diagnosis: H1N1 complications had attacked Piper’s kidneys, causing renal failure that began the day before she was pronounced dead.

The flu doesn’t damage your kidneys. Tylenol does. Antibiotics do. Tamiflu does.

We should embrace a high fever because it slows the replication of viruses and bacteria and enhances the immune responses.

Once the docs prescribed Tamiflu, Piper continued to get worse. Look at the evidence behind Tamiflu: vomiting blood, kidney failure, hemorrhaging in intestines, massive hallucinations.

Governments around the world have spent billions of dollars stockpiling Tamiflu for fear of H1N1.

The Cochrane Collaboration in London has documented how the pharmaceutical industry routinely and aggressively hid the raw data from studies that shows negative outcomes from taking Tamiflu. The FDA knew about it but the medical community did not.

The next scare will most likely be “yellow fever.”

Doctors are still giving Tamiflu knowing the risks and side effects. Ask your doctor WHY they would prescribe it.

The FDA does not have the power to remove a drug from market.

At least 70 people have died from documented Tamiflu-induced suicide. Scientists confirmed a young girl developed a temporary bipolar disorder after taking Tamiflu.

Watch Ben Goldacre’s Ted Talk on why most published research findings are false.


Watch the testimonial of Anna and her daughter overcoming chronic sinus infections.

Mushrooms have antiviral effects and increase the immune membrane to fight infection.

You don’t need as much fever to fight off infection if you take elderberry extract and mushrooms (reishi and oyster) to enhance the immune response.

DO NOT take a single drug if you have the flu!!! Research proves that drugs do not improve the recovery and brings on negative side-effects. Lab tests and clinical studies show that elderberry and reishi mushroom extract is low-cost and beneficial.



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