Warning To Pregnant Mothers – Research Shows Risk of Autism If You Receive The Flu Vaccine


  • Narcotics are over-prescribed. The pharmaceutical industry is big business in the USA. New information has come out associating vaccinations with autism.
  • 21st Century Cures Act – more people are going to die
  • The most significant threats to your life and what takes more lives per year are medications, hospital inquired
  • 440,000 people die prematurely each year due to mistakes they inquired from going to the hospital (ie. wrong medication given)
  • Opiate medication killing upwards of 20,000 people per year
  • The opiate and heroin epidemic are a result of over-prescribing from the medical profession
  • Vioxx, the company (Merck) withheld information about the dangers of this drug. 50,000 more cases were seen in that year of heart attack and stroke and the medication still stayed on market for 10 years
  • FDA reviews the drug company’s information, FDA has become a rubber stamp organization
  • Chiro care has been proven effective to lower blood pressure
  • Beta blockers – the drug was found to be completely worthless
  • Wilderness remedy of the week: wild garlic
  • Pharmaceutical industry treats symptoms, allowing the condition to worsen, therefore the patient will need more and more medications, which leads to death
  • Primary reason for blood pressure issues is due to the spine being out of alignment
  • As we increase health and lower stress, that person will live longer
  • Davy Jones dies of a massive heart attack at a very young age. He was a vegetarian, he ran miles every single morning, he was the last person that you ever would’ve expected this to happen to.  He told a British journal that he used to be 5’4” tall but lost an inch. What does this mean? How could he have lost an inch? The spine, folks.
  • November 28, 2016 article (linked earlier) found, in conclusion, there’s no association between flu infection during pregnancy.  The flu vaccine given during pregnancy: Association Between Influenza Infection and Vaccination During Pregnancy and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Post hoc-their analysis said it could be due to chance, it also could be the flu vaccine can cause neurological harm during the most important time of the baby’s development, the first trimester. How can we not at least play it on the safe side? Bare minimum, don’t vaccinate during the 1st trimester.  Adjusting for multiplicity of hypotheses, if they don’t like the results, they can always say it’s due to chance. The unadjusted portion of pregnant mothers that did receive the vaccine during the 1st trimester, did see an increase in autism. We can see an increase of 4 additional cases of autism per 1000 pregnancies, like infection.
  • We are seeing the most infant deaths than ever before in history.
  • VAERS: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – Actual numbers could be 100 times more deaths than what is reported to VAERS, since it’s voluntary reporting
  • BCBS website shows that money is being paid in amounts of $100,000+

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