Why are so many people having their organs removed unnecessarily?


In the 1700s, orthopedists would correct a child’s alignment for the child to grow properly.

Definition: orthopedic: ortho = Greek for straight or upright; pedia for child

History book published in 1743, Orthopaedia: or, the Art of Correcting and Preventing Deformities in Children by Nicholas Andry

Historically, when wealthy families threatened not to fund major universities if they continued to promote wellness and chiropractic, care practices shifted to having patient’s organ systems removed rather than correcting the spine. As a result, patients continue to have health problems, the symptoms, the pain, the gastrointestinal problems, upset stomach, etc.

We need to search out the cause of the health condition. We need to treat patients, not symptoms.

Example: A patient has misalignments of the spine and you remove their gallbladder and put pressure on those nerves, then you’re going to have health problems in other regions of the body with the most pressure on the nerves that go to the gallbladder. This effect cascades down, leading to failure of other organs and systems.

Another example: Parkinson’s disease triggers are whiplash and head and neck trauma; almost 80% improved through spinal correction.

Hypocrites, “Let food be thy medicine and look well to your spine for cause of disease.”

Drug companies want to hook up wires to your nerves to signal to your organs to function properly by targeting nerve roots using electrical impulses. (Journal of Hypertension) Damage in the upper neck will change the nerve signals which effects the heart.

GSK plans $1 million prize to jump-start “electroceuticals”

Spinal Curvatures—Visceral Disturbances In Relation Thereto


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