Vanderbilt wants to cut a child’s gallbladder out without reason! Help me stop this!

I am doing this video and writing this article in prayer that more children, or anyone for that matter, do not have to have their organs unnecessarily removed. I can only imagine the pain and suffering, even frustration, that can come with a sick child. With this message I hope many will find answers!

We need to search and identify underlying causes and, thereby, correct them. Removing an organ doesn’t leave a patient, a person, or a child healthier. In fact, it would leave the child at a higher risk for health problems in the future. At best, it may remove a symptom of a poorly functioning organ. Yes, there are severe emergency cases of organ failure malfunction that may be necessary for surgery, but those cases are far less than the number of people having their gallbladder or other organs removed.

Having the gallbladder removed ultimately leads to many different health problems in a person’s future.

I am here to set the record straight and let people know that the research has proven we can correct a person’s spine to enable their organs and body to function properly. Even medical physicians all the way back to 1933 had already begun to write about the need for the medical community to evaluate and examine the alignment of the spine before removing a child’s (or persons) organs. The study, walks through a number of cases where men and women had organs removed, and, yet continued to deal with their problems and after correction of the alignment of the individuals spine, their bodies healed and their health issues were resolved. Sadly, many women had parts or their reproductive system removed before looking to see if their spine was out of alignment.

Also in this video, I report on a situation involving one of my patients granddaughters, whom we pray does not have her gallbladder removed, and we are able to evaluate this young girl and do our best to help her.

I know that if more people were aware of the impact of their spinal alignment on the health and function of their organs from the thyroid, heart, and digestive tract, even the kidneys, etc. far less people would be going in for surgery. Our organs are controlled by our nervous system, and our spine protects our nervous system, so, if the spine is shifted out of normal position and loses it’s mechanical integrity, it can and will distort the normal nerve transmission of signals controlling our organs. Through proper correction of the spine, many people and children are able to prevent health problems, restore their organs vitality such as a normal functioning gallbladder, or prevent the need for more invasive and dangerous procedures.

Now if you’re watching or reading this and you have already had your gallbladder or any other organ removed, I beg and implore you to look for what caused the malfunction and seek to correct the causes to protect yourself or your children from more health problems down the road. If you know someone who has had a gallbladder surgery or who is searching for answers for abdominal pain, gallbladder dysfunction, or other health problems involving their organs, we pray you send them this video because it just might save their life and prevent them from needing an unnecessary surgery.

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