Vaccine Scandal! The Chinese Gov’t Acts Quickly to Protect Pets But What About Our Children?

A vaccine scandal has erupted in China as the government scrambles to keep the peace. A vaccine company based in China has become the center of attention worldwide as authorities have requested the arrest of 18 individuals connected to the crimes. Fraud has been uncovered at the deepest levels of the vaccine manufacturing process and the government is pressing fast ahead to challenge faulty and fraudulent vaccine production. The company, Changsheng, produces a rabies vaccine which was found to be made and tested with illegal practices and by systematically lying about the data. Wishing to amp up production, lower cost, and increase profits at the risk of harming pets, the manufacturer has reportedly been using expired materials, forging dates on research, and moving mouse challenge tests to create the appearance of vaccine efficacy.

While the lives of our pets matter, I would feel the lives and safety of our children matter more!

China’s government may have acted swiftly in regards to a vaccine given to our animals, but sadly the US government has been unwilling to investigate and stop vaccine lies and corruption when it comes to vaccines given to our children. All the way back in 2015, a whistleblower came forward, Dr. William Thompson, who admitted that he and other researchers and authorities at the CDC committed fraud by concealing the fact that the MMR vaccine was causing Autism. Tragically, our government has done nothing to defend our children against the harms of vaccine fraud. Since the 2004 study that Dr. Thompson admits concealed the fact that the MMR vaccine was causing Autism, millions more children have suffered brain damage from this vaccine and developed Autism as a result.

In a testimony and plea to our government, Congressman Bill Posey shared the information he was given about the systematic fraud taking place at the CDC, but sadly to this date, as we can see, the government has done nothing with this report and left the country unprotected from the likes of these rich, conglomerations who have their dirty money-loving hands in our politicians pockets.

The Changsheng Company attempted to fabricate and destroy production records, mice purchase invoices, and even doctored or destroyed computer data. Even with these extreme measures, the Chinese police were able to uncover 60 hard drives with fraudulent information that the company intended to destroy. This information brought forth the accusations on the efficacy and safety of these vaccines. Not only does this Changsheng supply rabies vaccines, but it is also known for producing chicken pox and whooping cough vaccines given to children. Ironically, they claim that around 250,000+ “ineffective” DTap vaccines were produced by this same company recently. Yet, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) completed their own research into the efficacy of the current DTap vaccines given to our children in the US and found that they do not work! The results of the research showed that the vaccines do not prevent “colonization or transmission!” That means the vaccine cannot prevent someone from becoming infected with whooping cough and spreading it to others.

All in all, it seems that government agencies are more concerned about “oppressing public anger” and concealing the truth than they are protecting our children.

So with this article, just as Senator Posey did back on July 29, 2015, I beg, I implore, I plead, and I pray that the government and medical communities do what is right by protecting the lives of our children! Subpoena Dr. William Thompson, stop all use of vaccinations like the MMR vaccine that have been brought to market fraudulently and convict and jail all those involved in this crime against our humanity!

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