TN State Health Official Admits They Know the CDC Has Lied About Vaccines and Autism.

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I want to be very clear and straight to the point with this article.

TN Health Department officials like Joey Smith, Montgomery County’s health department director know that the CDC is lying to parents about the safety of vaccines.

More than a year ago, I met personally with Joey Smith, the Montgomery County Health Departments director, and asked him if he knew about the confession of Dr. William Thompson at the CDC. He said “yes,” so I asked what he was doing about it. His statement was, “it’s above my head.” To that, I replied, “it’s not above your head to tell people the truth.” If you would like to confirm this, click here

 Yet, officials like him continue to use invalidated science to make false claims that “vaccines are safe and effective” and “don’t cause autism.”

“Officials” like Tennessee’s Immunization Program Medical Director Dr. Michelle Fiscus has claimed publicly that “immunizations are safe and effective and don’t cause autism.” This statement has been invalidated by the confession of CDC scientists as well as legal documents now publicly available to us all. For health “officials” to continue to make these statements, it should be seen for what it is, a direct effort to conceal the full truth about the safety and efficacy of vaccines and thus a criminal act against the children and people of this state.

Parents deserve the truth. Whether you wish to vaccinate or not, you still deserve the truth and the FULL TRUTH. But without the following information, I know you are not receiving what we all deserve when it comes to the health and safety of our children.

Most importantly though, parents deserve to have the right to reject a product (vaccinations) that is brought to market criminally, and their connection to life-altering conditions like autism continue to be hidden. Concealing and withholding such truths from parents who trust our health officials, in my opinion, should be seen as a criminal act.

Every parent and patient have the right to “informed consent.” That doesn’t mean the information the CDC and other “health officials” deem necessary but that means the full truth as it stands at this moment. That truth is very clear but hidden from the public eye when someone simply reviews the evidence available to us all.

Here are 4 points with links that will validate this matter.

  1. Merck has unlawfully marketed and acquired FDA approval of their MMR vaccine, specifically the mumps portion. Two of their own employees/scientists have confessed that Merck engaged in criminal activity to lie about the effectiveness of the mumps portion of this vaccine. Read the court documents for yourself here and here.

Given this information, the statements made by any medical or “health official” that vaccines are “effective” is completely invalidated. If a vaccine has been illegally brought to market through lies and fraud then the act of suggesting or withholding this fact should be seen as aiding and abetting a criminal.


  1.  A CDC scientist has confessed that he and his coauthors committed scientific fraud by attempting to destroy government documents and data providing evidence of the connection between vaccines and autism. This criminal activity was done with the knowledge of CDC officials like Julie Gerberding who, once leaving the CDC, was given stock and an employment position with the very company, Merck, for which this fraudulent research protected. You can see for yourself that Congress members were alerted to this criminal activity, yet, nothing has been done.

Can we all agree that there is no place in our Government Health Care bodies for criminals and we all, ESPECIALLY “Health Officials,” should be demanding to know the truth about the safety of vaccines that they push on their communities?

  1.  Most recently, (which this information may not yet be known by TN Health Officials, but shame on them if they don’t know yet, given they are supposed to be the “experts” in these matters) the Department of Justice’s(DOJ) key expert witness in the Autism Omnibus Proceeding has signed a written statement giving evidence that DOJ attorney’s “mislead,” however, I would like to call it like it is, THEY LIED, to the court about the fact that the available scientific evidence is clear, VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM. I should probably clarify also that the science I am referring to is the science that has not been criminally and fraudulently constructed by the CDC and other medical or industry scientists. You can read the full statement here:
  2. Just one other bit of information that “health officials” seem to think that parents should not be made aware of is this here:

If you search for “Poul Thorsen” on this official government website you will learn that this CDC scientist is one of America’s most wanted fugitives. Thorsen was indicted on 22 counts of Wire Fraud and Money Laundering for the research he participated in and constructing the lies that the CDC and Health Officials still use: “vaccines don’t cause autism.”

Given this information and given the fact that Health Officials have known but done nothing, we as a society should remove them from their positions and replace them with righteous individuals who will demand the truth and protect our children.

In the end, whether you wish to be or not to be vaccinated, I think we all should demand the truth.  

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Resources / References:

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**Dr. Andrew Zimmerman’s full affidavit on alleged link between vaccines and autism that U.S. govt. covered up.**This link no longer works. It has been taken down (censorship??) But we were able to save it in a PDF Document.

Click here for the PDF: Dr. Andrew Zimmerman’s full Affidavit on alleged link between vaccines and autism that U.S. govt. covered up

Poul Thorsen, CDC Scientist and US Fugitive for Fraud and Money Laundering

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Chatom vs Merck Lawsuit. Mumps/MMR vaccine fraud lawsuit.

State health officials concerned religious exemptions for vaccinations on the rise

Small number of measles cases stand to cost the state millions


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