Head of TN’s Immunization Program, Michelle Fiscus Admits “She’s Not Vaccinated!”

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In the article, titled State health officials concerned religious exemptions for vaccinations on the rise,” aired by News Channel 4 of Nashville, Michelle Fiscus admitted she was not vaccinated when she said, “If I come into your airspace as an unvaccinated person…,” said Fiscus.

In all reality, she may not have meant this, but I just wanted to make sure that she and the media realize that it is not kind to cut and splice people’s statements when making claims or creating media content. I understand what she was trying to say, but I hope that by playing with her words, we can bring more attention to the truth about the harms of vaccines.

I believe that Fiscus and others in the medical community should be more concerned about the CDC Whistleblower and criminal activity of the vaccine manufacturers than they are about people refusing to inject their children with a product that has been brought to market by lies and fraud as well as protected by the CDC with lies and fraud. I would think that such a person in the position of Tennessee’s “Immunization Program Medical Director” would be demanding to know the true safety and validity of the science behind the vaccines she promotes.

News Channel 4 stated that “Fiscus questions why the number of religious exemptions is increasing.” Given that a CDC scientist has confessed that he and others at the CDC have committed research fraud in an attempt to conceal the fact that vaccines are connected to autism, and that the manufacturer of said vaccine used animal blood to falsely inflate the appearance of efficacy when acquiring FDA approval of that vaccine, I would think one could easily understand.

In Proverbs 6:16-19 the Word Of God states that He “hates a lying tongue.” The fact that vaccine manufacturers, health “officials” and Government bodies like the CDC are using lies to prop up the false image that vaccines are safe and effective should give a reason for anyone who seeks the Lord, or anyone else for that matter, to truly pause and think before vaccinating their child or reject vaccines for God would never condone an action if lies and manipulations had to be used to coerce people into accepting them.

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*** Dr. Andrew Zimmerman’s full affidavit on alleged link between vaccines and autism that U.S. govt. covered up. The link below no longer works…It has been taken down..(censorship??) But we were able to save it in a PDF Document. ****


Click here for the PDF:Dr. Andrew Zimmerman’s full Affidavit on alleged link between vaccines and autism that U.S. govt. covered up

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State health officials concerned religious exemptions for vaccinations on the rise


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