Big Pharma Getting Away with Murder


Big Pharma Is Getting Away with Murder

-Cannabis treatments for cancer & epilepsy
-Massive body of evidence
-Only plant in the world that the U.S. government has a patent on (the medicinal uses of cannabinoids)
-The government cannot restrict what God created
-Big Pharma is scared to death that marijuana will replace their blockbuster meds
-ASD (autism spectrum disorders) – your child could be severely brain damaged if you take epilepsy meds while pregnant
-Call your TN legislators and ask them to PLEASE allow God’s plant to be legalized for medicinal uses
-Wilderness remedies have been studied and have proven to have massive health benefits
-Was Donald Trump telling the truth when he said that drug companies were getting away with murder? Yes, in the concept and the arena that he was speaking of, not exactly what I believe in revealing this type of information.
-I want to motivate us all to truly understand what is going on with the medicine world
-Leading doctor says the flu vaccine has toxins in it… he most likely will lose his job for telling the truth
-Cochrane database of systematic reviews saying the flu shot has zero effectiveness, yet has put hundreds of thousands of people’s health in harm’s way because it causes immune dysfunction and toxins cause paralysis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and other autoimmune diseases come from it and in some instances has even killed people
-CDC commits fraud – the people that speak truth are often ridiculed
-Medi-sin: there are drugs that are being used for the wrong reason
-The love of money is the root of all evil
-Pharmaceutical industry is killing people for a profit
-All sorts of autoimmune disease (Gardasil vaccine) and infertility (ovarian failure) are occurring because of vaccines
-The perfect business model is the drug industry. They sell you a bill of lies that drugs and vaccines are necessary from birth, these cause disease, then they get to treat you for disease for the rest of your life – that’s multi-million dollars coming in for disease they created


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Lawsuits Say GSK Failed to Warn of Lamictal Side Effects

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