The Wild Doc Speaking at a Town Hall Meeting-Regarding the Lead Battery Factory Coming to Town

In this video, The Wild Doc speaks at a local town hall meeting here in Clarksville, TN regarding a lead battery factory they want to bring to town. He reads from several research articles confirming the harms and risk of lead exposure at any level. 

In the meeting we attended, we heard and saw some inconsistent things being said by ATLAS and TDEC. For example, we noticed the inaccuracy in the ATLAS Battery map of the “3 Month Rolling Ave.” prediction of lead exposure they showed on the presentation slide. It shows far LESS area than the exposure area on the ATLAS Battery 1 Month Prediction map which was prepared by the Permit Modeling Unit of the TN Department of Environment and Conservation. With such extreme inconsistencies with the projection maps, one must ask how accurate is their modelling?

It was crazy to learn and hear time and time again that the battery plant would be allowed to monitor themselves. Just like the CDC and the so-called safety of vaccines, just like Monsanto and their GMO’s and chemicals, just like the water departments in Flint, MI., and just like the drug companies and their “safe” drugs. When will the government bodies realize that we can no longer trust those who are profiting? We have trusted these committees and companies for far too long. It is time for a revolution and an uprising against big business. We must take back our local and federal government bodies by replacing those who refuse to use common sense and disregard the concerns and desires of the real people in our communities. Will we allow the fox to guard the hen-house?

 The very next day TDEC approved the permit, and we found to be true what we all felt to be true: Big Business and money determine the government’s actions, not the voice of the people.

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