Vaccine Maker that Bought Prostitutes for Doctors Found Deleting SIDS Cases


Deleting the killing of babies is exactly what you would think a prostitute buying vaccine/drug company would do to make money.

When I came across one of the latest publications in the scientific research that identified a major vaccine and drug manufacturer was caught “DELETING CHILD DEATHS” from their recent periodic safety review that they use to claim their vaccine is safe, it caught me by no surprise!  

When a drug company can make billions of dollars with lies and the legal system simply slaps them on the wrist, wait more like shakes a finger at them, wait, wait, actually, the legal system shakes their hand and thanks them for the several million they(gov.) got to pocket. Why would they ever stop doing illegal acts to make trillions? When thousands of people were murdered by the prescription pad of medi-sin physicians who were corrupted and prostituted out by the Big Pharmaceutical companies to sell their drugs, the families who lost loved ones get nothing but the Gov. gets to receives a portion of the profits.

This is exactly what happens between Big Pharma, the medi-sin system, and Big Government. Pharma pays off our politicians, buys prostitutes for doctors, people die, and the families of those murdered get maybe pennies or nothing. So below you will find a link to the article that reviews the major issue plaguing our world today, it’s the number one reason people are chronically ill and dying early, it’s evil and corruption that I call ”medi-sin.”  

One such example: “Feds Found Pfizer too Big to Nail”, shows how the drug company Pfizer made billions in profit on illegal sales of its drug Bextra and the company/criminals were not held responsible. The federal government allowed Pfizer to use a subsidiary company. A subsidiary is a piece of paper or “shell company” that is “charged” with the crime and takes the “rap” for the actual criminals. Why is this even legal? It’s a loophole that must be closed and all those snakes that were allowed through it, need to be in jail and many charged with manslaughter.  

In the end, Pfizer lost the equivalent of 3 months of profit, which was a drop in the bucket of blood money. A representative of the Department of Justice stated: “I worry that the money is so great, it’s just of a cost of doing business.” You heard that right, the drug companies factor in the cost of lawsuits into their drug prices, as they can only sell poisons with lies.

Why do we allow this? Are we allowing serial killers and illegal drug dealers to go free after they commit evil crimes? Oh, wait I just described the drug companies, because when they lie and bribe doctors with money and sex to sell drugs that people don’t need or drugs that are deadly, they are killing people, stealing money from those who are suffering, and destroying the lives of thousands of children by either killing them or injuring them with vaccines.

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