Are Cancer Patients Being Lied to or Mislead by their Doctors? New England Medical Journal Says YES.

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Major medical journal finds that many cancer patients are not being told the truth when it comes to the treatments they are receiving such as chemo and others. 

Doctors are at the very least misleading their patients and at the worst lying to their patients to take their money. 

New England Journal of Medicine has found that up to 81% of colon cancer patients were not properly told the truth about the ineffectiveness of the chemotherapy drugs they were being given. Roughly 69% of lung cancer patients were led to believe that their chemotherapy could cure them, but the facts are that treatment has no chance of curing them. 

I believe all patients deserve the truth, they don’t deserve to be lied to or mislead. 

Sadly while patients are being misled or lied to about the effectiveness of drugs like chemo they are wasting precious time and money on a treatment that has no chance of curing them. If patients were given the truth, they could use their time and resources elsewhere on strategies that would bring more fruitful results. 

Share the truth, don’t just like it, that’s the only way we will save lives. In this situation specifically, sharing this truth will keep more people from being taken advantage of by a corrupt cancer industry! 

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