Young Child Dies “From Flu” After Getting the Flu Shot. Parents Encourage Others to Follow the Same Path.


No matter which side of the “debate” you stand on, one thing should be for certain, a child’s life is a precious thing! I know that this video will bring about many emotions for all those watching. I just hope that the message and information are received well and my heart is understood. I pray and truly hope the parents of the children who have died will see that my desire is to reveal the truth to them that I know is not being told.

The research is very clear, the flu vaccine does not protect our children, in fact, the science shows the flu vaccine increases the risk of a child dying and becoming ill from influenza and other respiratory illnesses during their life.

The two most recent studies on the flu should have made it very clear to our society that the flu vaccine is harming people, especially our children. One CDC study showed those who got the flu shot spread or “shed” more flu virus than a college student who did not get the flu shot. I elaborate more on this study here.

The other study shows that children who received the flu shot got sick far more often than the unvaccinated. This study showed, yet again, what several studies have already proven, the flu vaccine is weakening children’s immune system and placing them at greater risk of illness and death. You can find that study here.

I am not attempting to give my opinion in this video, I simply believe that parents deserve to know the whole truth about the science behind the flu vaccine. I hope others will watch this video, read the research, and share the truth before more children are harmed.

To see that pushing more vaccines is NOT WORKING, one only has to look at the fact that over the years, the more children and people we vaccinate “against” the flu, the more children die. That alone should show us all the truth we need to move against flu shots. I know, however, that many will read the CDC’s website which will say that vaccines work and/or the majority of those flu deaths were in the unvaccinated, but before you take the word of the CDC, you should do some research and learn how they are lying to us about all the vaccines and more. Here are two links to get you started on how the CDC is corrupt and willing to lie about drugs and vaccines–the research proves it!

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: protecting the private good?
  2. REP. Bill Posey Calling for an Investigation of the CDC’s MMR research fraud

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