What Should We Truly Be Worried About? The Mumps or the MMR Vaccine?

What should we truly be worried about? The mumps or the MMR vaccine?

– Wild remedy of the week: Oyster Mushroom (always cook your mushrooms, especially to avoid a stomach ache); polysaccharides are a beneficial ingredient

– Merck has been stonewalling the courts for almost a decade. They have made billions, even trillions of dollars off of vaccines that don’t give you life long immunity

– #1 killer killing more than 50% is malnutrition yet we spend millions of dollars on vaccines

– Mumps vaccine was brought to the market fraudulently by using animal blood to test

– Merck and the CDC both lied to us about the safety of vaccines and it’s effectiveness

– Nutrition, exercise regimens, and chiropractic care have been proven to lower blood pressure

– Food stamps should not enable people in need to have unhealthy foods using taxpayer money

– “According to state records, more than $134 million in food supplemental nutrition and food assistance program SNAP (new bill would ban using food stamps on unhealthy food)

– Mumps outbreak has TN Dept of Health concerned, there is no need to be concerned unless there is malnutrition. We should be more concerned that they have failed to let the public know that Merck has been stonewalling the courts. Merck pays so many of our congress members and legislators so that they turn a blind eye.

– (Merck accused of stonewalling in mumps vaccine antitrust law) Merck is refusing to respond to questions about the efficacy of the vaccine. Merck should not be permitted to raise as one of its principal defenses that its vaccine has a high efficacy, which is accurately represented on the product’s label, but then refuse to answer what it claims that efficacy actually is.

– It is best to get mumps as a child, not when you are an adult; the vaccine does not give you lifelong immunity

– Prior to vaccination, mumps was generally a mild illness but could have serious sequelae including orchitis and sterility, meningitis and deafness, and pancreatitis (article – NIH public access: Mumps and ovarian cancer: modern interpretation of a historic association)

– The immune system is stronger than any antibiotic. It’s stronger than anything as long as it hasn’t been weakened. Vaccines cause immune dysfunction.

– Antiviral: Reishi mushroom, Turkey Tail mushroom


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