The Wild Doc Confronts “Vaccine Expert” Dr. William Schaffner

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What defines an “expert?” Many people will often disregard the knowledge of an individual solely due to that person’s title or degree. But is knowledge truly restricted by the “approval” of a college or organization? Absolutely not, knowledge is freely acquired by those who seek it.

Back in June of 2017, I was alerted by a friend to an “educational event” – I’d call it more of a propaganda event – that was being held at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, TN. I decided I would go to learn from those on the “pro-vaccine” side. Dr. William Schaffner was the speaker presenting information on the “triumphs” of vaccination. In the medical community, Dr. Schaffner is often referred to as a “vaccine expert.” I personally walked into the room to listen to his presentation and quickly set up my Mevo camera to record the talk. I remained polite and attentive, listening to every word.

At the end, Dr. Schaffner asked if there were any questions. That’s when I proceeded to ask a series of specific questions that I felt any individual should know the answers to if they were going to publicly hail themselves as an “expert” on the subject of vaccinations. If you watch the video, you will see that I was willing to let Dr. Schaffner know I was anti-vaccine, letting him know where I stood on the subject. But the fact that he could not legitimately answer the questions and claimed to know nothing about the lies from Merck and the CDC is sickening to me.

I will not attack the individual man but I feel an “expert” on the subject of vaccines should know a few important facts:

  1. Vaccine manufacturers are in court for lying (Chatom vs Merck) about the efficacy of the mumps vaccines. For God’s sake they used animal blood to make the vaccine appear effective!
  2. That CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson has confessed that he and other researchers at the CDC committed FRAUD by concealing and attempting to destroy data that showed a “HUGE” association between the MMR vaccine and autism.
  3. That a lead CDC scientist is one of America’s most wanted fugitives for committing crimes and receiving massive amounts of money from the CDC to conduct research in attempts to deny the link between vaccines and autism.
  4. That the latest study on actual infection rates showed women receiving the HPV vaccine had higher total risk of being infected with high-risk HPV strains! Even the flu vaccine has been shown in studies to cause more illness.

I just hope people will begin to see that there are serious validity issues surrounding the safety and efficacy of vaccines and that community perceived “experts” are either willfully neglecting to talk about this fact or they aren’t as knowledgeable as an expert should be.

Personal Note: I did this because it is time to take the fight to their doors. The others in that room that day deserved to know all the facts, they deserved full truth. The lies and the corruption of the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry are more than blatantly obvious and it’s time to rise up and not only work together to defend our rights not to be vaccinated or poisoned, but awaken others to the truth before, God forbid, those lies harm them or their family.

I will never stop telling people about lies and corruption.

I will share with you the truth, even if it risks what you think of me because you are worth more to me than my image.

Dr. Dale Brown DC

The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you weren’t worth the truth. ― Turcois Ominek

P.S. At the end of the talk even after asking my questions Dr. Schaffner told me that he and I would speak after. But after, I hung around and he refused to talk with me. If Dr. Schaffner were to come across this blog post and the video I would love to speak with him, publicly, about the vaccine information that the public deserves to know. Vaccines are supposed to be about “public health” so discussion surrounding vaccines should be public.


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