Shouldn’t Legislators Listen to Science Over the Opinion of Profiting Pediatricians?

Tennessee legislators allowed medical doctors to push flu vaccines in schools despite being read the research showing that these vaccines are harming our children. HOUSE BILL 388 passed with only one opposition by Representative Terri Lynn Weaver. Watch the clip below and you’ll see a pediatrician give no scientific research to back his statements up and in fact, his statements are disproven by the research. So this man basically lied to our state representatives and they passed the Bill despite the research presented proving the pediatrician’s comments were lies.

Now, in this video clip, you will see the Wild Doc, a father, read the scientific literature WORD FOR WORD that shows at the highest level of scientific research that the flu vaccine has never been found effective, but yet that “WIDESPREAD MANIPULATION” was apparent. This means the vaccine manufacturers research was FRAUD and LIES. The vaccine has been scientifically proven to weaken a child’s immune system placing them a greater susceptibility to infection, severe influenza illness, and greater risk of fatal outcomes! This is all in the research provided to the TN legislative committee members, yet they ignored the facts and allowed the medical community to market their deadly vaccine to our children in schools. One must speculate on whether it was a blind faith in the word of a pediatrician or was their other motives for the legislators to ignore the research and evidence presented to them.

Here are the links to the scientific research provided to our legislators that they most likely did not read or ignored despite the scientific evidence showing that their decision to allow the medical community to promote flu vaccines in schools would place the lives of the young at serious risk of greater illness and death. Given the research, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the very next year, the year that “Health Departments” gave free flu vaccines in schools and more people were vaccinated than ever before in history that we are seeing one of the worst seasons with some of the highest death rates.

If you watch, I state that I was a “father.” Some may ask why I did not state that I was a chiropractor or let them know that I was a doctor? I am proud to be a chiropractor! But with the reality of discrimination against chiropractic in this nation, I wanted the legislators to focus only on the science and not the person presenting the information. My prayer was that they would relate as parents and see that a parent/father had brought research while a pediatrician spouted unproven opinion pieces while presenting absolutely no scientific validation for his comments.

At the end of the video, you will see that the head of the legislative committee stated that they would “continue the discussion” the next week. Yet the following week though I attended and brought additional research for them and let them know I would be there to join the discussion, but they would not allow me to speak again. Even when the pediatrician was given the opportunity to “respond” to the research and arguments against the vaccine, the Bills sponsor, Representative Kevin Brooks, did not wish for his pediatrician to comment. To disallow one side, the side presenting the research from continuing on in the discussion is another abuse of power that was taken by this legislative committee.

I hope this shines a light on the reality that it will take more than just presenting the truth and science to stop the manipulation of our government by the medi-sin community.

If you would like a detailed breakdown of the research presented to our Tennessee Representatives, watch this video:


FULL VIDEO: EPIC! Pediatrician shut down with the facts about the flu shot by a father.

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