Speaking out against HB388 promoting flu vaccines in TN

Listen to the recent congressional committee review in Nashville where a father shuts down representatives from the American Academy of Pediatrics with the research about the ineffectiveness and harms of the flu vaccine.


Read the proposed HB388 text.

Sources referenced in the committee address:

Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy children – Cochrane


Belief, not science, is behind flu jab promotion, new report says


Annual influenza vaccination affects the development of heterosubtypic immunity


Vaccination against human influenza A/H3N2 virus prevents the induction of heterosubtypic immunity against lethal infection with avian influenza A/H5N1 virus


Assessment of the efficacy and effectiveness of influenza vaccines in healthy children; systematic review


Association between the 2008–09 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine and Pandemic H1N1 Illness during Spring–Summer 2009- Four Observational Studies from Canada


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