Organic Farmers Under Attack!!!

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Local government is currently attempting to force an organic farm to spray their land and crops with cancer-causing chemicals!

It’s time we all stand up against the overreaching powers of the chemical and drug companies who are corrupting our government.

This is the email my family received regarding their affordable source of organic foods:

We have some extremely urgent news to share with you.

All of Azure Standard’s organic wheat, field peas, barley, Einkorn, and beef is grown by Azure Farm on 2,000 acres of pristine, organically certified land in Sherman County, Oregon.

The county is considering imposing draconian, highly toxic weed management laws and may force us to have our 2,000-acre organic farm sprayed with Roundup and other toxic herbicides.

You read that right: We’d be forced to have our organic farm sprayed with Roundup, and we would then be forced to foot the bill!

We have just over 1 week to get as much support as possible.

An Organic Farm Under Threat from Azure Standard on Vimeo.

Please review the video above or at Vimeo and learn more at the web page we’ve set up.

How to take action today…
Complain by email to or…
Call Lauren at 541-565-3416 at Sherman County and raise your concern.
Speak up for you and your family and community.

This proposed action is completely unreasonable and would destroy an organic farm and pollute a massive area. If enough voices that benefit from organic produce speak up, the county will understand that there are people that care about their food NOT containing toxic chemicals.

And if the supporters of healthy food can have a louder voice than the supporters of toxic chemicals, every politician will listen. PLEASE take action today and share this message. Overwhelm the Sherman County representatives with your voice.

Thank you for your support!

Azure Standard

It is crazy to think that a local government could do something this atrocious, especially when the makers of Roundup, Monsanto, are facing possibly the largest lawsuit in history as their toxic Roundup has caused thousands of farmers to develop and die from cancer. Not only that, we have seen a significant increase in cancers throughout the people who frequently eat the foods sprayed with this toxic chemical.

You can read the latest’s news about this here:

Patients: Roundup gave us cancer as EPA official helped the company

EPA Official Accused of Helping Monsanto ‘Kill’ Cancer Study

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