Is Hitler still alive?

For immediate release.

One would never want to believe that such genocide could be committed in this day by such organization as the World Health Organization or UNICEF but the proof is here. Please read!

Kenya Official, Raila Odinga, holds press release to confirm and alert the world to the crimes committed against humanity committed by the vaccine industry.

Watch the Video:
“Raila Odinga: The government is injecting women with a vaccine that causes infertility”

Read the article:
Kenya’s Catholic bishops: Tetanus vaccine is birth control in disguise

Over 500,000 women who were told they were receiving tetanus vaccines have been given a vaccine designed to sterilization women. This is a nothing short of evil and people MUST be made aware of this immediately to stop this racist crime against those less fortunate.

Please SHARE this with everyone you know ASAP! Only those who dare to speak the truth in the face of resistance will be considered heroes in this fight against medical and governmental corruption.

Please join me and become a hero!

I pray that you will forward this to your pastor, priest, bishop or other human leaders who believe that life is valuable. They can contact me via if they have any questions.

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