Infertility, Autoimmunity and Developmental Health Risks in Children


Artificial fertilization techniques and infertility clinics often overlook a very important factor causing many women’s fertility issues. Improper testing and approach to fertility, drug, hormonal, and in-vitro fertilization treatments have been shown in multiple studies to be a risk factor for the development, or rather the poor development of the child. Multiple neurological and health problems, including autism or incomplete development of the central nervous system in the fetus has been shown to occur more frequently in children born to mothers undergoing medical fertility treatments and this could be avoided with proper additional testing and treatment strategies. In fact, one could likely avoid the need for medical fertility treatments and effectively achieve fertility naturally by testing and treating the underlying causes of infertility in the first place.

In this video, we detail a known cause of infertility and discuss why, if this condition is missed or not addressed during fertility treatments may lead to serious neurological health problems in the child. Thankfully addressing this issue, autoimmunity leading to pernicious anemia, can resolve infertility as well as providing the environment for baby to develop healthy and strong!

I pray this message blesses you and helps us save and bring more babies into this world healthy!

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