GSK Hides Dangerous Side-effects of Epilepsy Drug, Lamictal

GSK Hides Dangerous Side-effects of Epilepsy Drug, Lamictal

While we all know that any drug comes with side-effects, it’s critical that drug companies and foundations tell the public the truth about those side-effects.

In this Video:

  • Learn how drug giant GlaxoSmithKline lied to the FDA and withheld critical information tying their seizure medication Lamictal to a devastating condition known as Steven Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and even toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN).
  • How their Drug increases suicide and suicidality by more than 3 fold.
  • How the Epilepsy Foundation fails to mention the corruption/fraud behind this drug and the real risks of life altering permanent side-effects.


Watch as Dr. Dale breaks down the problems with Big Pharma fraud and The Epilepsy Foundation’s misinformation regarding the true risk of Lamictal.

It is my hope that as a community and nation we can drive real change and end corruption within medicine.


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