Clarksville Tennessee May Soon be the Most Toxic Town in the U.S.

With Clarksville Tennessee already ranked 24th for the most toxic city in the United States, it may soon become number 1. With it already having a Fossil Plant in its backyard in Cumberland City, which has been ranked the worst mercury polluter in the country among coal-fired power plants in the U.S. And along with the Zinc Plant that’s within city limits. With those two already and now with AtlasBX Battery Plant Factory soon to come to town. The synergic toxicity effects of these toxic heavy metals will undoubtedly have significant negative effects on the health of this community.

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This is the area in Clarksville that will be directly affected by the lead pollution.

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Sign the Petition Now! KEEP OUR CLARKSVILLE FAMILIES SAFE! Say NO to ATLASBX’s Toxic Pollution and Battery Plant

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