Child’s Chronic Constipation Relieved By Chiropractic Treatment

Each year in the U.S., Chronic Constipation leads to around 2.5 million doctor visits– and medication costs of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Anna’s children have suffered with constipation since they were born! Her first child who was 6 weeks when he came in for his first adjustment, pooped immediately following his adjustment. He was so constipated as a newborn, that he ONLY pooped every three or four days. He would scream and strain because of the pain he suffered from the constipation. Emma, her second child has suffered with chronic constipation as well, now her body is functioning better and detoxifying by consistent bowel movements and the adjustments she receives in the office!

Dr. Dale looks to correct one of the most prevalent causes of this condition. That cause often being subluxations and misalignments of the spine. Which can alter and disrupt the communication of the nervous system which then results in poor organ system function like the digestive tract. During evaluation of these young infants subluxations of the upper cervical spine were found, along with lower lumbar and sacral subluxations were found and corrected. After gentle adjustments the interference to the nervous system was removed and this enable the restoration of communication from the brain to the digestive tract and lower colon. Thus this little baby is no longer constipated and is healthy! We thank the good Lord for His design and the opportunity to bring healing to children like this every day!

It is Dr. Dale’s wish that no one would have to suffer with chronic constipation and is able to find relief. If you know someone (adult or child) struggling with chronic constipation please share this video with them.

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