Are Anti-Vaxxers Racist? This Journalist Claims They Are! The Wild Doc Rebuttals

Are Anti-Vaxxers Racist?! This Journalist Claims They Are!

  • Purposefully infecting African American men with Syphilis and watching them and their families suffer and die…that’s racist.
  • Testing a known to be deadly MMR vaccine on poorer children in Harlem…that’s racist.
  • Destroying evidence that showed that the MMR vaccine caused a “HUGE” increase in the risk of autism in African American boys…that’s racist.
  • Doing flu vaccine testing on African women… and then after the science showed it killed more children, still giving the vaccine to the women and children after the study… that’s racist.   
  • Giving poorer countries vaccines that have been shown to increase total deaths…that’s racist.
  • Sterilizing women in African countries under the deception of a “tetanus” vaccine campaign…that’s racist. 
  • Selling HIV contaminated drugs to poorer countries and lying about it…that’s racist. 

Who did all this? Not “anti-vaxxers” no it was VACCINATORS who did all that. 

So what does the evidence show us? The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t care about your life or the lives of your children, and they care less if you are African or live in a poorer country or community. 

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Are Anti-Vaxxers Racist?! This Woman Claims They Are!

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