Washington Woman’s Death Caused by Drugs Not Measles

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If the Media/Medical System Told the Truth Headlines would Read:  Woman Dies of Drug-Induced Immune Deficiency and Doctors Try to Blame Measles

Recently the media has been touting a woman’s death as proof that the non-vaccinated cause death. Yet within the article they admit that the woman was in fact vaccinated.

She was being given immunosuppressant drugs which weakened her body and she contracted pneumonia as a result which ended up being the cause of her death. After the woman died, a test confirmed the presence of a measles virus different from the strain during the “Disneyland outbreak.” At this time it is unknown if she was infected with the wild type virus or the vaccine strain. She may have acquired the vaccine strain from someone recently vaccinated at the hospital as the measles vaccine is a live virus vaccine.

According to health authorities in Washington State, the woman died of “pneumonia caused by measles.” The same authorities attempted to blame the unvaccinated with no evidence that she was not infected with the vaccine strain.

See the Measles portion of the MMR is a live virus that can be spread to others by those who are recently vaccinated. This is why many major hospitals warn cancer patients or immunodeficient patients such at this woman not to have visitors who were recently vaccinated.

Along with the CDC reports over 157,000 people contract pneumonia as a result of going to or staying in the hospital. The CDC states that roughly 75,000 people die a year from “hospital/healthcare associated infection(HAI).” There is a strong probability the woman contracted pneumonia and even the measles as a result of HAI.

To say that this woman’s death was caused by the measles is like saying a woman was found to have drowned in a pool, and when recovered they found a cinder block tied to her ankles. When autopsy was performed they found water in her lungs and deem water to be deadly.

The primary point to be made here is that the measles is not a true cause of death, rather it is whatever weakens the body such as lack of nutrition or in this case medications that are the true cause of death.

The woman was on drugs that destroyed her immune system. These drugs are represented by the cinder block. Medicine does not look to strengthen and correct health, it simply treats a symptom, which is the true root cause of why this woman is dead today. To blame the measles is simply passing the buck. Had this woman been treated in a way to correct the underlying cause of her original condition and her immune system been built up and strengthened then she would have never been affected by pneumonia or the measly measles.

It is only by medical and media manipulation that we have come to fear the measles when years ago this disease was considered so harmless that we could use it for comedic relief. i.e. Measles, Back In The Days Before Marketing Of The Vaccine

See measles is not a deadly disease! Can it cause illness? Measles is a “self limited infection” to be exact. The measles itself does not cause death. Research proves that it is acute vitamin deficiency that can result in the inability of our bodies immune system to mount a proper immune response to fight off further infections. It is this deficiency that puts people at risk, not the actual measles virus. Once someone is already in a weakened state and they catch any type of virus or bacteria, it can then put the person into an even further weakened state where then “opportunistic” infectious illness, catastrophic injury or death may occur.

Multiple research studies have shown that vaccines will not work in areas where poor nutrition, starvation, and unclean water are occurring. According to Myron Levine, director of the Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Maryland many vaccines fail to work in children in developing countries where sanitation lapses. Vaccines in fact can have a devastating effect on a child living in these poor conditions. Recently in Mexico a vaccine led to the death of 2 babies and caused severe illness in 29 others after only 52 children were vaccinated with tuberculosis, rotavirus and Hepatitis B. Oddly enough one of the rotavirus vaccines was taken off the market in 2010 after authorities found these vaccines to be contaminated with a “swine/pig virus.”

So if vaccines are not working in areas without nutrition or sanitation and once nutrition is available vaccines are not necessary, and vaccinated individuals such as this woman in Washington can still contract, spread, and in this case(supposedly die) from diseases in the vaccines… How is “more vaccines” going to fix all of this? We must focus on what strengthens our bodies! If we just look at what weakens the body and remove those things that interfere with healing and health, we can then strengthen the person’s immune system.

Whether you’re pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine we can all agree that we want to see less people die before their time. So we could immediately end this whole “hate-debate” regarding the vaccines/measle simply by looking at what would not only eliminate the risk of measles related illness and infectious disease death but what would actually save the most amount of lives.

Poor nutrition causes roughly 3.1 million, almost 45% of deaths in children under five years of age alone and is the leading risk factor for serious complications due to infectious disease. Source: The Lancet, Series on Maternal and Child Nutrition, 2013. Now compare that 3.1 million deaths to the 145,700 deaths from measles each year. According to the World Health Organization malnutrition “is rarely listed as the direct cause.” This means much like this woman in Washington will have a death certificate that says “cause of death: measles” her death certificate should actually read “cause of death: drug induced immune deficiency.”

Failing immunity as a consequence of malnutrition is the leading cause of death of children, the elderly, and adults. Research has long shown that vaccines were not the great savior people believe them to be. The Journal of Pediatrics, 1999 states, “the largest historical decrease in morbidity and mortality caused by infectious disease was experienced not with the modern antibiotic and vaccine era, but after the introduction of clean water and effective sewer systems.”

Journal of Pediatrics, 1999 states that “on a worldwide public health level, it(nutrition and supplementation) is likely to be more economically feasible than vaccines directed against specific organisms.” Sadly though lives will continue to be lost as people squabble over vaccines. Daniel Silva Balaban, a director at the UN World Food Programme has emphasised that hunger and malnutrition is a political problem, not an economic one. We have the capability to save lives through nutrition but politics and profits stand in the way. “Economically feasible” sounds much like “less profitable” to the vaccine companies.

If the time and energy that people spend “discussing” vaccines and the trillions of dollars spent on vaccine programs were refocused toward enabling countries, communities, and families to sustain adequate nutrition, far more lives would be saved and the greatest good made. That’s the Amos Truth

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