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Media claims that Presidential candidate Donald Trump is lying when he says “vaccines cause autism.” Trump is RIGHT and the media are either ignorant or flat out liars.

Before we start, autism is a condition of brain damage, often caused by inflammation of the brain following a vaccination. Vaccinations are not the sole and only cause of autism, they are however the primary contributor to the epidemic facing our society today.  The rapid increasing rates of this condition are expected to impact one of every two children by 2025, we no longer have the time for “political correctness.” Seems though that many will try and remain politically correct while watering down the truth. While other candidates focus on remaining politically correct, Trump may not be the most polite but he is correct, when he states, “vaccines cause autism.”

It’s been seen in the past that those who speak the truth against vaccines, are harassed and condemned by the media. During the 2011 Republican debate, Rep. Michele Bachmann spoke out against the HPV vaccine. She was right, the HPV vaccine is disabling young girls with neurological and autoimmune conditions and the government has no right to forcefully stick something into little girls. I’d compare that to rape. Speaking against the HPV Vaccine, destroyed her campaign!

Sadly, this is why people in higher positions or those with much to lose are often not willing to speak out against Big Pharma or the Medi-sin system due to the fact that they are ridiculed, attacked, threatened, and their livelihoods are put in jeopardy when they do speak the truth. Words that I try to live by every day, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke. I respect anyone who stands his or her ground when it comes to speaking the truth.

The media continues to lie to the American people by saying “vaccines don’t cause autism” and that Trumps facts are “bogus” and “egregiously irresponsible.”

Irresponsible to me is never studying the recommended childhood vaccination schedule for safety. A 2013 review by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) states that “long-term effects of the cumulative number of vaccines or other aspects of the immunization schedule have not been conducted.” The fact is that anyone stating the current vaccine schedule recommended in the US is “safe”, is not informed on the truth. All three candidates commenting on vaccines, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul agree that there are “too many vaccines, too soon.” This is an understatement.

Irresponsible is NEVER properly studying any vaccine for safety. “No studies have compared the differences… between entirely unimmunized children and fully immunized children.” According to the IOM. This would be simple, just looking at the Amish or all the unimmunized children in the US will prove that vaccines cause autism, yet the medical community refuses to conduct these studies. Why? Are they afraid of what they will find?

Bogus is still allowing the CDC to use research conducted by an Office of Inspector General fugitive, Poul Thorsen who “cooked the books” to hide the fact that vaccines are causing autism.

Egregiously irresponsible is not holding the CDC responsible when they have lied to the American people. Why is the U.S. government has yet to investigate the “CDC Whistleblowers” claims? For those who do not know, the CDC Whistleblower is Dr. Bill Thompson, a senior CDC scientist who has come forward admitting he and other scientists were forced by heads of the CDC to hide a direct link between vaccines and autism in a 2003 study.

Its simple, liars are not telling the truth, if the CDC has to commit fraud and lie to say that vaccines don’t cause autism, then the TRUTH is, VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM.

Huffington Post reporter Arthur Delaney says the link between vaccines and autism has been “massively discredited”. This is nothing more than media-misinformation. Rather, a massive body of evidence continues to accumulate that shows those who’s livelihood and power is threatened by the truth, deceive our nation time and time again.(1,2,3,4,5,6) Massive amounts of research have shown a direct link between vaccines and autism, and this mountain continues to climb. So when people say that there was only one study done in 1998 by Dr. Andrew Wakefield that claimed a link, they are lying. Several studies have confirmed Wakefield’s findings.

Trump tells a far too often true story of a “beautiful child [who] went to have the vaccine and came back and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic.” The deceivers always say that even though a child was vaccine damaged and regressed into autism right in front of their parents eyes, that it was just a coincidence. Parents have seen their children deteriorate right before their eyes after vaccination, and yet they are told they cannot trust their own eyes. Though the signs are right before us we are not to believe our own eyes. Here are just a few of the signs:

  • As the number of vaccines have increased so have the number of Autistic children.
  • Vaccines have been indicated in the US Court of Federal Claims as a cause of brain damage that resulted in the diagnosis of autism.
  • Vaccines cause encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) = Encephalitis can cause autism… Vaccines can cause autism.
  • Government authorities such as the CDC have to lie or commit fraud to say vaccines are not connected to autism.
  • Manufacturers of vaccines have committed fraud/lied over and over again about the safety of their drugs and vaccines.
  • The very first autistic child was diagnosed a year after Mercury was added to vaccines in 1931.
  • Symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical to symptoms of autism.
  • Autism does not exist in countries where vaccines are not give.
  • Autism is literally non-existent in communities that choose not to vaccinate such as the Amish and the children of parents who choose not to vaccinate.
  • Research shows that vaccine adjuvants like aluminum causes auto-immune disorders, autism has been likened to an auto-immune disorder.


This is IOM Serpentnot the first time a serpent has deceived those who have witnessed the truth before their own eyes. John 12:37 “Though he had done so many signs before them, they still did not believe in him.” Are we to question our own intuition and even our own eyes and believe those who gain profit and power from vaccines?

Neither candidate Ben Carson nor candidate Rand Paul would directly refute Trump’s statement. Maybe because they know little of this truth or don’t want to directly call out someone without having a strong understanding of the truth. Or like so many who know the truth, they are afraid of the backlash and possible political suicide that admitting the truth would cause.

Carson only repeats the same old lies, “there is no evidence” or that the vaccine autism link has been “refuted.” Carson says, “The fact of the matter is, we have extremely well-documented proof that there is no autism associated with vaccinations.” Yet, the US Court of Federal Claims has said otherwise and so has the research.

In the end, Carson did lean toward the Truth saying, “that we are probably giving way too many in too short a period of time.” This is closer to the truth than saying that we must mandate vaccines and take away the freedom of choice.

In terms of choice Rand Paul did say “I’m also for freedom.” Through misinformation and deception, true freedom has been watered down and diluted. Only with truth can the freedom to choose truly be granted.

Rand Paul said “One of the greatest, one of the greatest medical discoveries of all time were, were the vaccines. Particularly for smallpox.” He is wrong as well. Dig deep into the research and historical facts, don’t just believe what you see on the surface, and you will see that the smallpox vaccine caused a great deal of disease, disability, and death. Those who were vaccinated had a 5-fold increased risk of dying from smallpox. How was it that in Germany with the highest rates of vaccination in the world, at that time, had the highest fatality rate for smallpox in the world? According to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), England suffered 5,012 cases of smallpox in 1919 with 28 deaths, yet in comparison to the best vaccinated country in the world, Germany faced 5,363 cases with 707 deaths. History shows us that as vaccination rates declined, less and less people died.

The smallpox vaccine was the “first vaccine.” It failed to protect and caused injuries and death among thousands who took it. Parents, seeing their children injured and killed by the vaccines took a stand, which birthed the first “Anti-Vaccine” Movement. Had people in that day not taken a stand against vaccines thousands more lives would have been lost. It was the anti-vaxers who saved lives!

Currently today vaccines continue to cause debilitating conditions including autism. Research shows that countries with the highest vaccination rates have the sickest population of children in the world, US ranking #1 of the sickest. We have the sickest generation of children in history and the sickest country in the industrialized world. American children receive the highest number of vaccines in the world and we have the highest rates of autism, yet the medi-sin system claims it’s all a coincidence.

The chance to bring forth the truth is NOW, the chance to stop the corruption is NOW, and the chance to save generations is NOW. Will we see a true leader of TRUTH come forward?

Trump says he agrees with vaccines and wants smaller doses spread out over a longer period of time. This is a good step, but the fact is that there is NO VACCINE NECESSARY, when you focus on the greatest things to combat all infectious disease, sanitation, clean water, nutrition, and a properly functioning nervous system.

Carson lied or repeated lies.

Paul gave false and misleading information.

Trump told the TRUTH. At least on this topic.

That’s The Amos Truth.



Authors Note: I am not advocating for any candidate, I am only advocating for the TRUTH.


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