The Shocking Truth About Conventional Cancer Treatment

The US and many industrialized nations around the world have spent and continue to spend trillions of dollars on “early detection” of cancer, cancer treatments, and cancer research. While it would be amazing to find more effective ways to prevent and safely detect and heal from cancer, sadly most of the money and focus is spent on tests that find cancer only once it has fully developed in the body, on toxic pharmaceutical drugs, and even interventions that do little to nothing to  extend a patient’s life. All of this often costs patients tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

People need to know the truth about many cancer detection methods like mammography, PSA testing, genetic tests for cancer, etc. Cancer patients deserve to be told the truth about what results surgery, radiation, chemo, or drugs will truly give them.

In this video, find out why genetic tests are extremely expensive yet no better than looking at lifestyle.

Find out why a country like Sweden has decided to “abolish” mammograms!

Be encouraged! Dieting is a powerful weapon against cancer and some of the best foods you could be eating go a long way to both prevent and help heal the body from cancer.

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