Pro-Vaccine Logic: Take Food from Starving Children to Force Vaccines

I’m sorry but I really am not sorry. To threaten families with hunger and starvation to force vaccines is WRONG and downright evil.

While they force their vaccine agenda they will be placing children at risk of the top killers in the world, malnutrition and starvation.

On top of the evil way in which Big Pharma is forcing vaccines, the medical community is ignoring the parents as the parents tell doctors that their children are getting sick after the vaccines.

If the medical community truly wishes to save lives, then I beg them to start focussing, not on vaccinating more children but getting those in need the most important thing that will improve the health of those children and the nation or world as a whole, proper nutrition.

I am interested to know what others think about this “tactic” to force parents to vaccinate their children?

I ask all of you to take a stand with me against this injustice.


No vaccination, no ration: UP health dept officials