More Vaccines Misconduct Part 2: Sanofi Scandal

More Vaccine “Misconduct.” Sanofi Fraud/Dengue Fever Vaccine/HIV Vaccine

While the US announces that the mental health of children in this nation has continued to decline, vaccine manufacturers continue business as usual with their lies, thefts, and murders of children in 3rd world countries.

Discussed in this episode:

CDC releases the latest report showing a dramatic increase in developmental disability in US kids.

Sanofi, one of the worlds largest vaccine makers, is caught in a scandal as they sold vaccines for Dengue fever that they knew to cause the illness to be more severe and deadlier. Now the Philippines government wants their money back. We need to see these vaccine criminals go to jail for the harm they have caused to children.

HIV vaccine placebo-controlled trial shows the vaccine had no benefit and may, in fact, cause harm as the placebo groups disease progressed slower than the vaccinated.


Uptick in Prevalence of Developmental Disability in US Kids

Sanofi scandal in the Philippines could spread dangerous mistrust of vaccines

Benefits and risks of the Sanofi-Pasteur dengue vaccine: Modeling optimal deployment

New dengue vaccine could instead cause more cases, experts warn

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