Why Do They Give Out Free Flu Vaccines?

While it may seem “nice” that the government is buying flu vaccines with our tax dollars and then giving them to people for “free,” I urge people to really seek the truth behind this.

The reason I wanted to discuss this topic is because when presenting the science and evidence that the flu vaccine does not protect people from the flu or that the flu vaccine actually causes harm, I will often get the response, “so, if it doesn’t work, then why does our government give the flu vaccine out for free?” As if the government only ever does what is in the best interest of the people rather than the profits of big industry, especially the industry with the most lobbying money… Politicians would never let money cloud their judgment when it comes to the health and safety of the people, right?

Think about the following points:

  1. The government takes our money via taxes and then buys vaccines. This is now profit for the industry to lobby the government to buy–with our money–and then distribute those vaccines under the idea that they are “free.” They’re not free, we all paid for them, and the vaccine makers still made their money on them; they just convinced the government to steal our money and give it to the wealthiest of all industries.
  2. The research shows that vaccines like the flu vaccine can lead to greater amounts of infectious illness in those that receive the vaccine. Such as, one study showing that the flu vaccine increased the hospitalization rates of children by roughly 300%, and what do kids usually get when they go to the hospital sick? Drugs… and who makes those drugs? The same companies that made a profit off the vaccines.
  3. Government officials are often given or they themselves invest in companies making flu vaccines. Thus, when a government official votes to pass legislation that would use taxpayer money to buy vaccines, they are directly influencing the stock value of that company, and thereby increasing the money in their pocket. We cannot discard this conflict of interest that is there.

Just with these few points, we should all be able to see that we cannot discard the “chance” that money is at the root of why our government is giving away “free” flu vaccines.

What do you think is the real reason flu vaccines are being given away for “free?”

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