They Say “Happy Wife Happy Life” But if Baby Ain’t Happy Nobody Happy! Testimonial Time!

My baby won’t sleep, my baby keeps spitting up, my baby is vomiting up every feeding, my baby is constantly crying, I think my baby is colicky, I can’t get my baby to gain weight, what can I do? Well, we suggest looking into chiropractic care since the majority of cases of infant acid reflux and problems sleeping stem from misalignments of their spines.

Meet baby Sawyer! At only 2 weeks old, he struggled with acid reflux and was constantly throwing up his food after each feeding! He was not able to sleep for long periods of time and wasn’t able to gain weight. The doctors didn’t have any answers, suggested medication and when that didn’t work told the parents “he would grow out of it”.

But after just 3 weeks of chiropractic care, Sawyer is sleeping better, eating with no problems and gaining weight!

In our office, we look to correct one of the most prevalent causes of this condition. By using specific adjustments, this child is now healed!

Let’s save the babies from suffering!

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