Nooma Organic Sport Hydration Mix

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Comes in 2 flavors, Lime and Mixed Berry with or without caffeine. Each package comes with 15 stick packs.

On-the-go hydration made from nature’s finest.

A powder mix optimized for rapid hydration and made with real ingredients. With an added boost from adaptogens, it’s everything you need to feel your best whether it’s long runs, lunge jumps, or life on the go.

Designed to rapidly hydrate you.

Our hydration mix is based on the leading scientific principles of hydration, balancing the right levels of glucose and electrolytes to speed the absorption of fluids and electrolytes by your body.

This means you are hydrated quickly and efficiently, keeping cramps, headaches, fatigue, and dizziness away.

Key Functional Ingredients

Only organic & real ingredients. No added sugar, artificials, or chemicals you can’t pronounce. We carefully selected everything you need so you can feel better, and perform better.

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