Retraction of Hydroxychloroquine for COVID…Where’s the Retraction for the CDC MMR/Autism Study…

*Some of you may recognize the title and the content of this video. I decided to do it again for you since the other video had a ticking noise and it was hard to hear me.*

If an author of one of the most prominently used studies refuting a “vaccine-autism link” confesses that he and his co-authors committed research fraud, you would think the study would be retracted. But sadly that’s not what has happened. In almost any other case, the research study would have been pulled, but not when it comes to vaccines.

Immediately after researchers admitted they didn’t have the evidence to publish the “results” of their Hydroxychloroquine study the Journal editors retracted the study. Yet even though researcher Dr. William Thompson has admitted he and his co-authors committed research fraud, nothing has been done for more than 5 years…Why the double standard when it comes to covering up the harms of vaccines?

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