Message to the FDA: We Know You’re In Bed With Big Pharma



In response to the recent CNN article: “FDA chief: Federal government might step in if states don’t change lax vaccine laws.”

The “Chief” of the Food and Drug Administration is making threats directed toward parents and individuals who are refusing to accept harmful and unnecessary vaccines. This is just one more government body that is failing the American people and serving as nothing more than a protector of profits for Big Pharma.

When more children and adults die each year from FDA-approved drugs than were dying from infectious diseases in the years before vaccines were even available, then the FDA is ignoring and, in fact, fueling this death-by-drugs epidemic, this should speak volumes to anyone.

Shoot, even in the 4 years prior to the Measles vaccine being available, the average number of deaths from measles was less than the current deaths caused by Tylenol’s toxic effects on the liver. That’s only counting the deaths from liver failure that are caused by Tylenol, not even all the other types of deaths the drug can cause, and the deaths we blame on infections that are actually caused by inhibiting the bodies defenses–fever–with Tylenol. Yes, Tylenol increases the risk of your child dying from a cold, flu, or any infection, if you give it to them! Learn more about fevers here.

If “certain states continue down the path that they’re on, I think they’re going to force the hand of the federal health agencies,” FDA Chief stated in the CNN article. This is a threat that can not be tolerated. The FDA and many of its employees should be taken to jail for aiding and abetting known criminals. Research proves that the FDA has more than failed at its duties to protect the people, children especially, from illegal and fraudulent activity by the drug and vaccine industry!

The FDA even funded and took part in much of the research that proves such vaccines, like the DTaP vaccine, does not prevent infection, but it has actually lead to even more infants dying from whooping cough. The CDC and FDA claiming that the “anti-vaccine movement” is harming children is beyond hypocritical, it’s criminal. Every time a researcher claims that the whooping cough vaccine is preventing infections and protecting anyone, they are lying, and the FDA’s own research proves that!

Additionally, the FDA does nothing when it knows a vaccine has been criminally brought to market by vaccine manufacturers. No warning has been made to alert physicians or the public. Instead of doing its duty and being committed to providing safe and effective drugs or vaccines, the FDA sits idly by while 2 of Merck’s own scientists are fighting to get the truth out. See 2 court documents here and here.

Senator Pan of CA, one of Big Pharma’s paid politicians, said in a letter to the nations Surgeon General that, “As our nation’s doctor, I urge you to issue a call to action on vaccine hesitancy in the United States and make this crisis a public health priority.” I say as a nation we have to hold the medical, Pharmaceutical, and corrupt politicians accountable for the murders and thefts they have committed with their vaccines and drugs.


In this video, I detail the fact about the corruption that is running this nation’s FDA and other Gov. “Health” agencies.

Every claim made in this post can be verified by legal and peer-reviewed science.

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