Let’s Talk Thermography with Joanna of Sozo Thermography!

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Owners, Joanna certified clinical thermographer, and her husband Dr. Phillip (DC), started Sozo Thermography because they believe you deserve to have an affordable, safe picture of your health so you can take control of your life. They have helped many just like you flourish in abundant health in every area of life.

If you have questions about thermography and if it’s right for you, watch this video as Dr. Dale and Joanna answer these questions and more!

Does Thermography replace mammography?

What can you see with Thermography?

Do I need to get a baseline?

Does Thermography see cancer?

Who can benefit from thermographic imaging?

I have implants/fibrous breasts, can I have thermography?

Thermography Screening with Joanna:

Click below to schedule an appointment with Joanna for January 20th, 2021

Location is Marathon Chiropractic Clarksville, Tn


Joanna’s Website: www.Sozothermography.com

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