Is Elderberry Okay for COVID? Does Elderberry Cause “Cytokine Storm?”

Does elderberry cause or can it cause “cytokine storm?” NO!!! The research does not support this theory in any way. Some may interpret it that way but when you look closely at the science it is very clear that elderberry is so safe that it could be used in teas, jams, jellies, pies, wines, and many other food dishes. That is how safe elderberry is!

See elderberry is not going to make your immune system do something that it is not supposed to do.

Also, given the latest research from Washington Univ. showing that “boosting the immune system” could be a treatment for COVID-19, elderberry is an herb that has science to support its probability of benefiting people at this time.

Now, I will say this, for both legal reasons and to be 100% honest. Elderberry is not a treatment for coronavirus, though it has been shown effective in protecting chickens from coronavirus. It is not the end all be all when it comes to supporting a healthy immune response. The main reason I wanted to do this video is because of the misunderstanding that many have regarding both elderberry and coronavirus infections.

Hopefully, you will take this information and be able to research more on your own and come to a better understanding of how you can support your immune system and help ward off severe illness and infection.

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