How Medi-sin uses Testing to Manipulate, Control, and Profit. They are doing it NOW with COVID19!

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Learn how the CDC and the medical-industrial complex already knew that they could trick people into believing they were in the midst of a pandemic.

Science had already shown from years prior that Coronavirus was a seasonal infection, affecting roughly 25% of the population. That’s roughly 82 million people each year contracting coronaviruses. With this prior knowledge, they knew that all they had to do is start testing people and they could scare everyone into giving up their rights and pushing a vaccine.

Medicine has a long history of using testing to control and manipulate people into unnecessary, harmful, and even deadly procedures. It’s really no different with infectious diseases. They do this with cancer testing all the time.

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A Parallel Reality to the COVID-Pandemic

How Medi-sin Manipulation with Testing Is Often Used to Deceive People

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