Young Girl Attempts to Commit Suicide After Taking Flu Medication

Tamiflu, the flu drug could that could cause your child to hallucinate and even commit suicide. While the FDA has stated that there is absolutely no benefit in survival for anyone taking this drug, doctors seem to ignore the harms and hand this drug out like candy.

Opioids, Drug Dealers Acting Like Doctors

Special investigation found that doctors are receiving massive sums of money, sometime in the millions, for putting people on dangerous opioid drugs. If you would like to know whether or not your doctor is actually a drug dealer, then check out who is putting money into their pockets. Find out more in this video.

FDA Uses Bad Science to say Kratom is Dangerous

This plant is a God-created medicine and no corrupt government or agency should stand in the way of God’s people freely accessing this plant! I hope you will stand with me to fight for our God-given right!