Call To Action: Call Mark Green & Request That the CDC Stop Cherry Picking Vaccine Data!

Rep. Mark Green has written a letter addressed to the Mayor of Nashville along with the Health Depart after emails surfaced showing the TN Health Department knowingly conspired with the Mayor to conceal and withhold the true numbers of Coronavirus infections linked to bars and restaurants.

This is not uncommon for the TN Health Department to conceal the truth from the people of this state for whom they claim to protect and serve.

I wish for people to reach out to Re. Mark Green’s office and thank him for requesting the truth in the matter of the Nashville lockdowns but more importantly request that he write the same letter but in regards to the CDC Whistleblower vaccine research fraud issue that has been hiding the fact that children are being brain damaged by vaccinations!

Resources / References:

PDF: U.S. Rep Mark Green letter to Nashville Mayor John Cooper

REP. Bill Posey Calling for an Investigation of the CDC’s MMR research fraud

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