A Research Review: More ER Visits After Vaccinations.

More ER Visits After Vaccination: Part 2

Posted by The Wild Doc on Thursday, February 7, 2019

I often speak to people about the harms of vaccinations and reveal to them how there is criminal activity occurring within the government agencies, like the CDC and especially in the Pharma/Vaccination industry.

One of the most common responses I get from those I speak with is, “I will start researching this” or “I will look into this.” Now, I am extremely glad that I have planted the seed needed for a parent or individual to want to actually start learning the truth about vaccines, but I also fear they will fall for the deceptive techniques that vaccine promoters use to hide the reality of vaccine harms even in the peer-reviewed studies they conduct. That being said, I hope everyone would take it upon themselves to learn about vaccines so as to make a truly informed decision, but I pray they will watch this study/research review as I know it will help people see how hard it may be for many to really understand.

There are many ways to conceal the harms of vaccines, and this review should enlighten many people of how the research on vaccine safety is being done so poorly. Either this study was done honestly and those conducting the research were lacking in their understanding of how the design and details of the study would conceal the real risk of vaccinations, or the study was designed and carried out specifically to hide the reality of vaccine harms. I hope those viewing this will let me know which they believe is the true reason such a study was conducted in this manner?

As they say, statistics don’t lie but statisticians sometimes do. I would say that we should change that for the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry because “Data doesn’t lie but Big Pharma almost always does.”

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